Meeting Breaks and Teambuilding

Hotel Het Raedthuys strengths lie first and foremost in its sense of nostalgia, and it is here that it really shines. Moreover, the picturesque surroundings are an ideal retreat to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Accordingly, Hotel Het Raedthuys makes an ideal location for a business meeting or event where every detail can be regulated to perfection under one roof, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Meeting Breaks

After the mentally exhausting effort required to participate in a meeting, we certainly advise you and your guests to take some time out for physical relaxation. Stretch out the legs with a historical walk along the Orange Route, or take in some fresh air with a wander through the Pluijmpot nature reserve. You can also explore the Orange Room in the breaks of an extended conference session. If you are looking for peace and relaxation, our Wellness facility is the ideal spot for a pleasant and relaxing massage. Alternatively, if you desire, you can even visit our Beauty Salon. Hotel Het Raedthuys provides numerous activities so that guests can refresh and revive themselves before diving back into the main programs with renewed vigour.


The hotel is a fantastic location for holding a corporate or team building event where you can encourage the strengthening of bonds between employees, customers and prospects. There are various possibilities open to you and your guests, such as a cooking workshop, wine/ beer/ whisky tasting, a boat trip on the Oosterschelde, exploring the island on a Solex. You can even strengthen the communication and trust between employees by seeing if they can work together in escaping from the ‘Escape Room’. And after a day of experiencing the programs we have to offer, it is time for a party! Just imagine finishing your day with an enjoyable walking dinner accompanied by live music.

The possibilities available for meeting breaks or business trips are varied and without limits. We would like to discuss with you what exciting potentials we can offer.